March 2018
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“You’re Not Getting a New Bike”

Answers to questions you haven’t asked can speak volumes
I live in the middle of Copenhagen, where the best way to get from A to B is on a bike. A few years ago, I bought a new bicycle. A month later I was outside the shop asking the owner why the rear brake had gouged the frame.
“I don’t know”, [...]

Of Course You Can Trust Me

Probability vs. Vulnerability or “What if I trust you, but shouldn’t have?

Danish Amagerbanken went bust on Sunday, which is a drag. Their shareholders feel betrayed, as do their customers, and given that the regulators said it was stable, so should the rest of us. After all, if you can’t trust a Scandinavian bank regulator, who can [...]

Who Is Going To Turn Your Business Upside Down?

Tomorrow’s competition may not be who you think

Surprises are hard to predict. This may seem obvious, but what children understand, adults often refuse to believe. Disruptive innovations show a pattern of surprising us when they should not. This is silly, but silly or not, established firms miss the pattern over and over.

The competitors we fear usually [...]

Dangerous Project Team Behaviour

A great list of From Michael Krigsman’s piece Early warnings: The IT project failure dilemma (part 1)

Wishful thinking: We’ll be able to launch on time, because we really want to.

Self-congratulation: We’ve been working awfully hard, so we must be making good progress.

Testosterone: Nobody’s going to see us fail. We ROCK!

Doom-and-gloom fatalism: We’ll just keep coming in [...]

Signs You Should Worry: Staff

Instinct is not a rule to manage by, but it can be a dangerous thing to ignore. It is a rare project that goes wrong without any warning at all. Seemingly random signs can be easier to understand if you use a template to see how they fit into a pattern.

The project staff usually react when [...]

Signs You Should Worry: Communications

There are those who claim that all project management problems can be reduced to a failure to communicate properly. This may be an exaggeration, but it is an exaggeration with an element of truth.

Most communication problems can be sorted into three general categories.

The people doing the communicating

This can generally be broken down into too many or [...]

Signs You Should Worry: Work Environment

Work Environment Problems

It is absurd how often expensive consultants are squeezed into small spaces in an effort to save money. In a self-defeating attempt to recoup some of the expense, the external specialists are given the oldest furniture, the worst views and the noisiest work spaces. This is penny wise and pound foolish – and not [...]

Signs You Should Worry: Testing

One of the keys to achieving quality IT projects is a solid test and review process. As a project owner, you may not be able to read a single line of code, but you will be able to understand poor test results. Whether the test personnel are on your staff or outside consultants, their [...]

Signs You Should Worry: Technical

IT projects are famous for running over budget. There are any number of reasons why this happens, ranging from project owners changing their minds to overly ambitious goals and time tables. Sometimes the reasons are technical. Here are some signs that this may be the case with your project.

The Technology

Many new technologies are being implemented at [...]

Signs You Should Worry: Customers

The customer is always right – except when the customer is wrong.

Project managers are notorious complainers. When asked how a project is going, the invariable answer is “fine”, but when asked about the customer, they are often less pleased. The customer wants to change the plan. The customer does not understand the product or the process [...]