March 2018
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Raspberries Happen

How much do you enjoy the finger-pointing and recriminations?

I’ve been busy and I’m probably not the only one. It’s the time of year where a lot of us are busy. Things pile up and blogs get neglected. The unexpected happens and it sometimes takes odd forms – like raspberries.

Raspberries are perfectly pleasant. My stepmother makes an outstanding raspberry jam, a taste of which I enjoyed not two hours ago on a scone. I do not enjoy them quite as much on the front page of my website. Until a few moments ago, however, my former logo had been replaced by that perfectly pleasant berry so perfectly suited for jam-making.

Predictable processes

It was a quick reminder of all the phases of a disaster. Surprise, anger, confusion, combined with a scramble to solve the problem and find its source. So agreeing to a template upgrade can erase some files. Who knew? Who cares? Solve the problem.

It’s amazing how much you can fit into such a small amount of time when you don’t have anyone to distract you. The finger-pointing portions of the process were quick, but effective. Blame was assigned, denied, confirmed, and accepted without the usual time wasted actually discussing the matter.

Further recriminations, one of my favorite phases, was initiated in this case by the discovery that the former logo was nowhere to be found. This particular iteration followed the initial round of accusations in a fraction of the time that it normally would take to get the initial round fully operational.

The inevitable compromise

The grumpy compromise stage arrived tight on the heels of the last round of recriminations. The advantages of being alone appeared again. A fluent bout of swearing had to stand in for the search for a decent photo-editing program. A lumpy replacement appeared on MS Paint.

A couple of quick attempts at a stop-gap solution were uploaded and rejected in less time that it would normally take to decide who to assign to creating a solution. The project management phases were being ticked off faster than the cursor could move through a checklist. The site was tested, the new logo appeared and the raspberry did not.

Is the lumpy stop-gap logo a permanent solution? No. Does a perfect solution need to be created tonight? No. Dinner needs to be made tonight. The Christmas tree needs to be decorated tonight. For now, the perfect logo can wait.

What are you going to do?

Raspberries happen. What you do about them is up to you. You can spend a long time fixing a problem or you can do it quickly and effectively. Your choice often depends on how much you enjoy the finger-pointing and recriminations portion of the process.

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