February 2018
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Raspberries Happen

How much do you enjoy the finger-pointing and recriminations?

I’ve been busy and I’m probably not the only one. It’s the time of year where a lot of us are busy. Things pile up and blogs get neglected. The unexpected happens and it sometimes takes odd forms – like raspberries.

Raspberries are perfectly pleasant. My stepmother makes an outstanding [...]

Lessons Learned: Remember H1N1?

A little embarrassing, wasn’t it?

H1N1 was pretty standard as far as overreactions go. The media conjured up a vision of biblical plagues and many bought the story hook, line, and sinker. Hysteria is exciting and the experts telling us that Armageddon lay round the corner were more interesting than the experts telling us to wash our [...]

Great Excuses for Failure – Noone Saw It Coming

How to avoid blame for not being prepared.

A large office building was burning the other day when I went for my morning run. Fires are pretty unusual where I live, usually a matter of interest to few except insurers, bored firefighters and the people standing on the street behind the barricades down the street from the [...]

Everyone Likes Surprises

An awful lot of crisis management can be avoided, but we’re just not interested.

We like surprises. Most of us like being surprised by presents on our birthdays and lots of us seem to like being surprised by disasters at work. A fire causes water damage and we are surprised when the insurance company cannot wave a magic wand and replace all of our systems instantly. A key employee accepts an offer at a competitor and our reaction is shock, surprise, and sometimes anger, but rarely planned.

Who Says You Can’t Ignore Risk?

How do you create a sense of urgency about risk management?

The answer may be that you don’t, because you can’t. Seatbelt use only became the norm when it became the law. Children will forget their scarves, despite their mother’s warnings and firms will delay risk management until a tomorrow that never comes.

No one ignores risk management, [...]

Harvard Business: Crisis Communications and American Airlines

The mere fact that plenty of  firms are reporting bad news these days does not make the task any easier to perform. Kathy Bloomgarden, writing on Harvard Business Publishing’s site, has an interesting look at how American Airlines tackled a recent wave of cancellations caused by emergency safety inspections. The specifics of why American Airlines was [...]

Case – Incident-Focused vs. Operations-Focused Business Continuity

The following example should help to explain the difference between an incident and an operations focus for business continuity.

Hypothetical Bank’s business continuity process focuses considerable effort on planning and rehearsing its responses to various threats in a holistic and interdisciplinary manner. This preparation proves especially useful one morning when the bank’s IT security staff detect a [...]

An Introduction to Business Continuity

According to the British Standards Institution, business continuity is the planning and responses to incidents and business interruptions in order to continue operations at a pre-determined level. (1)

However, a review of the literature in the field revelas that the concept of business continuity is not necessarily asclear cut as the definition might indicate. Rather, business continuity [...]