February 2018
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Hvilket billede tegner dine risici?

Uddrag fra 3. opdatering 2010 af Børsens Ledelseshåndbog Krise- og risikostyring

Hvordan dine risici udvikler sig er vigtigt – og ofte overset

Det er som bekendt svært at spå om fremtiden, men vi er nødt til at gætte. Forudsigelse har altid været en svær kunst, og det er ofte vanskeligt at anvende resultatet. Som målmand er det én [...]

Lessons Learned: Remember H1N1?

A little embarrassing, wasn’t it?

H1N1 was pretty standard as far as overreactions go. The media conjured up a vision of biblical plagues and many bought the story hook, line, and sinker. Hysteria is exciting and the experts telling us that Armageddon lay round the corner were more interesting than the experts telling us to wash our [...]

“I Don’t Have Time to Be Polite!”

Treat people poorly and they usually under-perform.
I had an ambitious boss once whose goal was to fix everything. Everything we did was going to be perfect. It had to be perfect. There was no other acceptable option. Anything less would be unprofessional. Within moments of meeting him, you just knew how difficult he was going to [...]

Using Exercises For More Than Checking Boxes

Finding time to plan for risk management may be easier than you thought.

A picture is worth a thousand words and exercises can do the same trick for raising awareness about risk management. Most organizations don’t get very far beyond the occasional fire drill, but that dull fire drill actually holds a wide variety of possibilities.

Most of [...]

When You Say “Risk”, Do They Say “Yawn”?

How do you communicate risk management to your staff?

Everyone agrees that risk management is important, but how do you integrate managing risk into current operations without yet another massive change management exercise? The answer may be to do it gradually – and communication is key.

The medium can be as important as the message, and if pop-ups, break-room [...]

Hard Times Define Leaders. How Will They Define You?


Talking to Your Staff About Bad News


Hard times take the measure of a leader, and right now, not all leaders are measuring up. Being a leader and being a manager is not the same thing. Managing [...]

Surviving the Role of Messenger

The basics of dealing with bad news are familiar. Most people know, for example, that bad news does not get better with time. Like a lot of advice in consultancy reports, however, this knowledge does not make bad news any easier to communicate – especially if you are the messenger.

Writing at Harvardbusiness.org, Ed Gilligan, [...]