February 2018
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Hard Times Define Leaders. How Will They Define You?


Talking to Your Staff About Bad News


Hard times take the measure of a leader, and right now, not all leaders are measuring up. Being a leader and being a manager is not the same thing. Managing [...]

Harvard Business: Crisis Communications and American Airlines

The mere fact that plenty of  firms are reporting bad news these days does not make the task any easier to perform. Kathy Bloomgarden, writing on Harvard Business Publishing’s site, has an interesting look at how American Airlines tackled a recent wave of cancellations caused by emergency safety inspections. The specifics of why American Airlines was [...]

Case – “Unpredicted, Yes. Unexpected, No.”

Communicating bad news is hard and it pays to do it well. There are some who argue that you cannot judge a manager or a firm by what they do when times are good, but only by how they manage when times are bad.

Many of the managers that were good at getting flattering profiles in the [...]

There Are Still Risks Worth Taking

A year ago, the focus of most firms was growth. Risk was something you took to achieve that growth. Now, just as many firms see risk as something to be avoided at all costs. Much of the current looking backwards is focused on the decisions made that caused the current problems.

It may [...]

Kaplan and Norton: How To Measure Your Company’s Risk in a Downturn

Harvard professors Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, creators of the balanced scorecard, have written a superb article arguing that far too often management has ignored risk as a factor in managing their firms.

How To Measure Your Company’s Risk in a Downturn


Some excerpts:

“Traditionally, we have advocated two methods to drive shareholder value: revenue growth and [...]