February 2018
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Capturing Lessons Learned

Tool: Avoid the finger-pointing and capture the knowledge

The ability to learn from from mistakes is a key function. It is central to risk management, a main focus of rapid prototyping and central to effective iterative planning and development. One of the biggest obstacles to learning from mistakes is assigning blame. There is a simple way to [...]

Who Is Going To Turn Your Business Upside Down?

Tomorrow’s competition may not be who you think

Surprises are hard to predict. This may seem obvious, but what children understand, adults often refuse to believe. Disruptive innovations show a pattern of surprising us when they should not. This is silly, but silly or not, established firms miss the pattern over and over.

The competitors we fear usually [...]

No One Is Going to Steal Your Great Big Idea


Your ground-breaking innovation is more likely to be ignored than copied

Some risks are smaller than they seem – and having someone run off with your revolutionary innovation is one of them. Small improvements and changes are usually copied quickly, but the disruptive changes are not, even if you think they should be. Simply put, your blinding flash of [...]

Can Your Firm Survive Disruptive Innovation?

Do you even know how your firm will react?

Change is a constant. Steady, constant change forces firms to continuously update their products and processes, but the sudden disruptions caused by major new innovations can present a completely different task. Markets and business models can be turned upside down, destroying some firms and creating others almost overnight. [...]

Innovation Risk and The Road Not Taken

Innovation is not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

The business school researchers tell us that established firms are good at the constant, incremental innovation necessary to stay on top of their fields. New firms are famously better at the disruptive innovation typical of new technologies. The risks of not managing disruptive innovations seem [...]