February 2018
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Eat Your Vegetables

“Risk management is too negative. We’re focused on growing our business.”  – a startup CEO

A certain Captain Smith once entertained the same certainty about large pieces of ice at sea and ignored the potential effect. He was focused on getting to New York, but that focus didn’t help him much when he ran into trouble.

Preparation is [...]

Of Course You Can Trust Me

Probability vs. Vulnerability or “What if I trust you, but shouldn’t have?

Danish Amagerbanken went bust on Sunday, which is a drag. Their shareholders feel betrayed, as do their customers, and given that the regulators said it was stable, so should the rest of us. After all, if you can’t trust a Scandinavian bank regulator, who can [...]

The Interconnected-ness of Risk

How do you manage risks across functions and boundaries?

Risk management is a complicated business and many things make it harder. It is one thing, for example, to identify individual risks and another detect their relation to and effect upon other risks. The more variables there are, the harder it gets.

Well-managed risks that have been analysed correctly [...]

Geoff Colvin on the hidden costs of cutting staff

Geoff Colvin has written an excellent article on the hidden costs of cutting staff.


A lot of experts are advising firms to cut staff in the downturn. Cut early and cut deep, the advice goes, to avoid have to cut more later, especially in repeated rounds of cutbacks. If it applies to your organization, then the advice [...]

Nine Things to Remember When Negotiating IT-Contracts, by Peter Lind Nielsen at Computerworld.dk

A very concise, yet also precise, overview of IT contract negotiation posted yesterday on Computerworld.dk.

Nine Things to Remember When Negotiating IT-Contracts, by Peter Lind Nielsen

Computerworld.dk, 30 March 2009


A brief translated summary:

Issues common to all IT-contracts:
- Responsibility for undefined conditions/gaps and interfaces with other systems
- Degree of client collaboration and consequences, if the customer does not collaborate
- Placement [...]

Integrating Management Into Risk Management Planning

One of the primary challenges in risk management planning is integrating management into the planning process. This problem is by no means unique to risk management planning. It is common in project planning, for example, and IT project planning in particular.

This is partly due to the difficulty of explaining often complex issues such as financial or [...]