March 2018
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What Do You Need to Know?

Tool: How the military makes sure everyone knows what the boss wants to know

Soldiers love their acronyms and the more convoluted, the better. ”Commanders Critical Information Requirements”, or CCIR, is a mouthful, but still decipherable as “What the Boss wants to know”. It’s one of those military ideas worth copying.

Everyone serving in the first Gulf War knew that Norman [...]

Hvilket billede tegner dine risici?

Uddrag fra 3. opdatering 2010 af Børsens Ledelseshåndbog Krise- og risikostyring

Hvordan dine risici udvikler sig er vigtigt – og ofte overset

Det er som bekendt svært at spå om fremtiden, men vi er nødt til at gætte. Forudsigelse har altid været en svær kunst, og det er ofte vanskeligt at anvende resultatet. Som målmand er det én [...]

Turn the Map Around

Tool: Like “measure twice, cut once”, good advice can be deceptively simple.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was an army officer. Films emphasize action, but most soldiering is “hurry up and wait” and, for officers, endless planning. Armies like organization and our planning was very structured. One of my tasks was to [...]

Let’s say the Euro does crack up… what’s in it for me?

What would a potential or even worst case scenario look like for the PIIGS?

There is no shortage of people willing to speculate on whether or not the Euro will survive or the fates of various indebted member countries, but surprisingly little talk of what a break up or default would look like. Adjectives like “bad” and [...]

Patents, IP, and Protecting the Recipe for Your Secret Sauce

No matter what you do, know that protecting your IP is an active process. 

It is surprising how many people actually believe that a patent will protect their intellectual property. A patent is a perfectly good tool, but it does no good all by itself. There is no ever vigilant force of superheroes standing guard over the [...]

The Yoko Ono Factor

Tool: Dealing with the fact that nothing lasts forever

Two weeks ago, I spoke with a start up team that had just lost a team member and was in the dumps. Starting a business is tough and having someone leave was hard on those that stayed. They are not the first firm to experience it and they [...]

Capturing Lessons Learned

Tool: Avoid the finger-pointing and capture the knowledge

The ability to learn from from mistakes is a key function. It is central to risk management, a main focus of rapid prototyping and central to effective iterative planning and development. One of the biggest obstacles to learning from mistakes is assigning blame. There is a simple way to [...]

Making Implicit Risks Explicit

Tool: A quick group risk analysis exercise to measure your risk management processes

BP’s analysis of the Gulf oil spill points a lot of fingers, but none of those fingers point at an absence of risk management. The problem was poor risk management. We may not face risks on the order of those in the offshore industry, [...]

Tempting Fate and Other Silly Concepts

Why rely on one guess about what the future holds?

I once worked with a mid-sized bank with some decidedly odd ideas, my favorite of which was their emergency relocation plan for their headquarters. When disaster struck, their plan was to move – to a different part of the headquarters building.

The building was large for the small town in which [...]

Socks, Then Shoes

It’s all about the basics

Almost any professional golf or tennis coach will tell you that they spend most of their time teaching the basics. Golfers forget to keep their heads down. Tennis players fail to follow through. No one, no matter what the sport, seems to remember that footwork is key.

Regular readers know that this site is [...]