February 2018
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The Long Drop From Nokia’s Burning Platform

Time will show how many people make it off Nokia’s platform – and how many of them get picked up.

Offshore oil rigs are dangerous places, not least because they combine being at sea together with highly combustible materials and heavy machinery. It’s the sort of work the people who write the warning labels on cold [...]

“The Prospect of Hanging Concentrates the Mind…” – Samuel Johnson

Avon Barksdale on Managing Risk, Part Two

Avon Barksdale, the drug kingpin from HBO’s “The Wire“, was a man of many precautions, because his life and his freedom depended on them. Managing his risks effectively kept him free and alive – and enabled him to build an empire that made him fabulously wealthy.

Do not ignore failure

Most of us can limit [...]

Turn the Map Around

Tool: Like “measure twice, cut once”, good advice can be deceptively simple.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was an army officer. Films emphasize action, but most soldiering is “hurry up and wait” and, for officers, endless planning. Armies like organization and our planning was very structured. One of my tasks was to [...]

Making Implicit Risks Explicit

Tool: A quick group risk analysis exercise to measure your risk management processes

BP’s analysis of the Gulf oil spill points a lot of fingers, but none of those fingers point at an absence of risk management. The problem was poor risk management. We may not face risks on the order of those in the offshore industry, [...]

Cyberwar vs. The Humble USB Key

Hollywood may not make films about USB keys, but they’re probably your biggest information security threat

Given the choice between writing a special 12-page supplement about Cyberwar and trying to fill as many pages about the threat presented by the USB key, it is no surprise that the editors of The Economist chose the former. Hollywood does not make [...]