February 2018
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So You Thought The Hiring Process Was Hard…

Why Integrating Your New Foreign Hire Matters

Human resources risk is often overlooked – and if there’s one thing that a risk should never be, it is ignored. In good times, strong profits and strong growth can mask unnecessary, overlooked losses. In bad times, they can mean the difference between profit and loss.

The hiring process is usually [...]

Comparing Apples to Oranges and Other Common Mistakes

An Introduction to Portfolio Risk Management

How do you manage different types of risk across different types of activities? How do you gather and manage the risk information? How do you compare the risks to each other and your overall risk profile?

How do you avoid the risk of quantifying all of your risks and thereby reducing them [...]

Who’s in The Crow’s Nest?

“Right now, we don’t have an entity, an oversight entity, a government entity, that thinks to itself: What happens if this institution gets into trouble and is going to fail? What would we do about it at that time? The primary focus of most supervision is to prevent them from getting into trouble…”

Ron Feldman [...]

The Board Is Responsible for Managing Risk

Regulation and recent experience have clearly placed the responsibility for managing risk on the agenda of every board of directors. Risk management can no longer be delegated. It must managed – and managed well.

Like risk, information technology recently climbed up the management chain from being the preserve of specialists to the the responsibility of chief information [...]

Kaplan and Norton: Ignoring Risk Is Not An Option

Kaplan and Norton correctly assert that management all too frequently ignores risk as a factor in managing their firms. They explain that part of the reason for this failure is the lack of good measurement tools to quantify “rare, or black swan, events”, but this is no excuse. The inability to quantify these risks does [...]

Kaplan and Norton: How To Measure Your Company’s Risk in a Downturn

Harvard professors Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, creators of the balanced scorecard, have written a superb article arguing that far too often management has ignored risk as a factor in managing their firms.

How To Measure Your Company’s Risk in a Downturn


Some excerpts:

“Traditionally, we have advocated two methods to drive shareholder value: revenue growth and [...]