February 2018
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Is the Threat Really Outside Your Organization?

What Are You Doing To Ensure Your Users Accept Your Security Policies?

“Cyberwar”, the cover story of a recent issue of The Economist, beats the call to arms for an international effort to limit the threat to modern society from attack via the Internet – and they’re onto something. Stories about state-sponsored Chinese cyber-espionage and Russian Internet mafia [...]

Social Media, Privacy, and Risk

Accessible does not always equal acceptable, let alone moral.

The boundaries online may be moving, but what we do with other people’s information needs to remain ethical and this presents a dilemma. Checking a job applicant’s public Facebook profile may be acceptable, or even advisable, in some cases, for example, but not in others.

People should have [...]

Ignorance is not bliss

Manage your social media risk instead of playing the ostrich.

For now at least, the social media are here to stay and whether you love them or hate them, you need to know what people are saying about your organization. Social media risk cannot be ignored, even if you decide not to launch your organization into the [...]

The Risk of Ignoring Social Media

Caution is a normal reaction to economic hard times, but it is not without risk. Many authors have recently pointed out that technological advances often appear during economic downturns. The PC, for example, came out during the recession of the early 80′s. Today, as many firms cut advertising budgets and put development projects on standby, there [...]