February 2018
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“The Prospect of Hanging Concentrates the Mind…” – Samuel Johnson

Avon Barksdale on Managing Risk, Part Two

Avon Barksdale, the drug kingpin from HBO’s “The Wire“, was a man of many precautions, because his life and his freedom depended on them. Managing his risks effectively kept him free and alive – and enabled him to build an empire that made him fabulously wealthy.

Do not ignore failure

Most of us can limit [...]

Hvilket billede tegner dine risici?

Uddrag fra 3. opdatering 2010 af Børsens Ledelseshåndbog Krise- og risikostyring

Hvordan dine risici udvikler sig er vigtigt – og ofte overset

Det er som bekendt svært at spå om fremtiden, men vi er nødt til at gætte. Forudsigelse har altid været en svær kunst, og det er ofte vanskeligt at anvende resultatet. Som målmand er det én [...]

The Yoko Ono Factor

Tool: Dealing with the fact that nothing lasts forever

Two weeks ago, I spoke with a start up team that had just lost a team member and was in the dumps. Starting a business is tough and having someone leave was hard on those that stayed. They are not the first firm to experience it and they [...]

“I Don’t Have Time to Be Polite!”

Treat people poorly and they usually under-perform.
I had an ambitious boss once whose goal was to fix everything. Everything we did was going to be perfect. It had to be perfect. There was no other acceptable option. Anything less would be unprofessional. Within moments of meeting him, you just knew how difficult he was going to [...]

Managing Political Risk in High-Risk Countries

Keeping a low profile is not always enough

Iran has forced a German company, Knauf Gips KG, to issue a letter threatening to dismiss any employee that participates in protests against the Iranian government. The firm says it issued the letter in order to secure the release of an employee, a dual German-Iranian citizen, who was arrested [...]

When You Say “Risk”, Do They Say “Yawn”?

How do you communicate risk management to your staff?

Everyone agrees that risk management is important, but how do you integrate managing risk into current operations without yet another massive change management exercise? The answer may be to do it gradually – and communication is key.

The medium can be as important as the message, and if pop-ups, break-room [...]

So You Thought The Hiring Process Was Hard…

Why Integrating Your New Foreign Hire Matters

Human resources risk is often overlooked – and if there’s one thing that a risk should never be, it is ignored. In good times, strong profits and strong growth can mask unnecessary, overlooked losses. In bad times, they can mean the difference between profit and loss.

The hiring process is usually [...]

Hard Times Define Leaders. How Will They Define You?


Talking to Your Staff About Bad News


Hard times take the measure of a leader, and right now, not all leaders are measuring up. Being a leader and being a manager is not the same thing. Managing [...]

Who Are Your Key Personnel?

Staff Risk

Identifying key staff consists of more than listing the names of the management and board. Most organizations have an informal list of people they ”couldn’t do without”. These lists are often unspoken, but formalizing them is an important step towards reducing staff risk.

Formal key staff

Processes are key to identifying these people. Often they are not [...]