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Hvilket billede tegner dine risici?

Uddrag fra 3. opdatering 2010 af Børsens Ledelseshåndbog Krise- og risikostyring

Hvordan dine risici udvikler sig er vigtigt – og ofte overset

Det er som bekendt svært at spå om fremtiden, men vi er nødt til at gætte. Forudsigelse har altid været en svær kunst, og det er ofte vanskeligt at anvende resultatet. Som målmand er det én [...]

Supplier Risk and the PIGS

The waste squeezed out of supply chains over the past twenty years has increased efficiency, but it may have also increased supply chain risk

Whether or not your firm has any direct connection to Portugal, Italy, Greece, or Spain, uncovering your resulting risk exposure may matter more than you think. Your suppliers may have suppliers in these [...]

Measuring International Supplier Risk

Asking the right questions is key, especially in international relationships
Measuring the risks associated with your suppliers is often complicated, and it is even more so when those relationships are international. Germany, considered by many a model of conservatism, presents some interesting risk assessment challenges, even though the country is generally considered low-risk.

Germany’s image is one of [...]

Case - Assessing Supplier Risk

Assessing Vulnerability vs. Probability

A small technology company was on the verge of major success. They had created a superb product that outclassed the competition. A prestigious customer had placed a major order. The order had been big enough to fund the establishment of supply networks and start production without the need to raise more capital. The [...]

Take a Good Look First

Secondary and Tertiary Risks and Vulnerability

Political risk takes many forms, both foreign and domestic, and sometimes it can be indirect. The firms that provide goods and services to Chrysler’s suppliers doubtlessly are following the automaker’s bankruptcy closely to see if the suppliers will be paid in full – and what will happen if they are not. [...]

Buyers - and Sellers - Beware

Political Risk

Political risk is often overlooked in risk analysis. The focus tends to be on the market, the competition, and there is a reluctance to spend time on unfamiliar risks. Assessing political risk often requires wider margins and allowances, but several recent examples are proving that it can be very expensive.

Political risks are usually easier to [...]