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“The Prospect of Hanging Concentrates the Mind…” – Samuel Johnson

Avon Barksdale on Managing Risk, Part Two

Avon Barksdale, the drug kingpin from HBO’s “The Wire“, was a man of many precautions, because his life and his freedom depended on them. Managing his risks effectively kept him free and alive – and enabled him to build an empire that made him fabulously wealthy.

Do not ignore failure

Most of us can limit [...]

Signs You Should Worry: Testing

One of the keys to achieving quality IT projects is a solid test and review process. As a project owner, you may not be able to read a single line of code, but you will be able to understand poor test results. Whether the test personnel are on your staff or outside consultants, their [...]


There are many reasons why software projects often fail to deliver their promised value, but one of the primary causes is that the project owners do not understand software. They understand the project process and its tools – specifications, budgets, schedules, staffing, subcontractors, etcetera – but they cannot read code and therefore have to [...]

Wall Street Journal: The Safety Lessons of Columbine, Re-Examined

A common – if mistaken – approach to risk management is to satisfy the regulatory requirements and leave it at that. Unexpected, ”can’t-happen-here” events do happen, despite being unexpected, and it is better to be prepared than not.

This article in the Wall Street Journal looks at the lessons of the Columbine School massacre – with many [...]

Nine Things to Remember When Negotiating IT-Contracts, by Peter Lind Nielsen at Computerworld.dk

A very concise, yet also precise, overview of IT contract negotiation posted yesterday on Computerworld.dk.

Nine Things to Remember When Negotiating IT-Contracts, by Peter Lind Nielsen

Computerworld.dk, 30 March 2009


A brief translated summary:

Issues common to all IT-contracts:
- Responsibility for undefined conditions/gaps and interfaces with other systems
- Degree of client collaboration and consequences, if the customer does not collaborate
- Placement [...]