February 2018
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Strange Notions

Sometimes our faith in an idea is wierd
My grandmother was a cultivated woman of many opinions, most of them strongly held, and some of them distinctly unusual. For many years she insisted on watching TV in the dark while wearing sunglasses. She kept her TV in the dining room for almost as many years and so she would sit at the [...]

Key Staff – Who Are They and What Are They Worth?

Analyzing the risk of losing key staff can yield surprising results. Sometimes the perception that an employee is essential is simply that – a perception. Specialty staff members are frequent examples, often because their tasks and responsibilities have not been clearly defined.

The opposite can also be the case, and far too often, there is no answer [...]

Wall Street Journal – Why Capital Structure Matters

How companies structure their capital matters – and never more so than when credit is tight and financing hard to find. Much of the recent common wisdom on the subject may be just as wrong about the risks associated with this subject as it was about other risks.

Many firms have gotten into [...]

Wall Street Journal: The Safety Lessons of Columbine, Re-Examined

A common – if mistaken – approach to risk management is to satisfy the regulatory requirements and leave it at that. Unexpected, ”can’t-happen-here” events do happen, despite being unexpected, and it is better to be prepared than not.

This article in the Wall Street Journal looks at the lessons of the Columbine School massacre – with many [...]